EZ Slide  -  for improved goods handling


Most distribution centers and material handling operations rely on chutes and slides to transport goods. Therefore, it's imperative to avoid having stoppages in the distribution line and to make sure all lines are efficient. Using EZ Slide 325 to treat surfaces of slides and chutes will give the needed reduction in friction at the same time as it provides outstanding protection against wear and tear.


EZ Slide 325 is a water-borne liquid epoxy/silicone coating to optimize surface energy and durability. Treating slides and chutes with EZ Slide 325 will give ultra low drag, improve product flow, and strong abrasion resistance.


EZ SLide 325 flow efficiency coating will not only help improve efficiency but will help reduce congestion, blockage and maintenance.


For harsher environments, like dry-bulk products, waste handling, etc. we recommend the Hopper Glide 225 product which is similar to the EZ Slide.


Product sheet & Areas of application