InFront Ventilation  -  for healthier indoor air

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Installing the revolutionary and patented InFront air distribution unit in every inlet at floor level, will give a non-turbulent airflow which spreads evenly across the floor, filling the area and rising to the ceiling. This is based on the innovative Frontventilation concept developed in Sweden.

The focus is on removing particles in the room that jeopardize our health - not just on exchanging air volume in the room. Particles in the air is the main cause for allergies and asthma. With Frontventilation you get fresh, healthy air to breathe.

InFront air distribution units work with the laws of nature, i.e. temperature, air-pressure and the human body, where pressure and temperature differences makes air flow up towards the ceiling and in doing so, carries dust and particles to the air-duct outlet.

InFront has been both field and lab-tested and proven to reduce particle levels by 80% compared to other methods. CO2-levels were reduced by 25% and levels of micro-organisms (bacteria, mold, etc.) reduced by 75%. Thanks to lower fan speed and less airflow, the noise is reduced to bedroom standard levels.

 All in all a better and healthier air quality!

This should be the standard in schools, homes, offices, stores, hospitals, conference centers, etc., and with the new indoor air quilty directives in Europe, InFront will meet and exceed the requirements.

Energy saving of 20% or more comes from reduced heat or cooling cost, lower air flow i.e. lower fan speed and smaller fans and duct work in the building.


Product Sheet & Areas of Application