The global population is consuming resources at an unprecedented rate. We deplete natural resources that have supplied us so far throughout history. We are jeopardizing the availability of fundamentals we need to survive like air, water, forest, etc., and most agree we need to do something about it. 

At Summit Green Tech we want to give innovators, manufacturers and suppliers the chance to connect with users that need products to protect themselves and their environments. We offer unique, cost-efficient and easy to handle products allowing you to minimize the use of non-renewable resources, clean the resources that have been polluted and give people the best protection from contracting diseases or illnesses.

Summit Green Tech is a market facilitator, providing state-of-the-art green tech products where they are most needed and wanted, and at cost levels that will allow these improvements to be implemented profitably.

Summit Green Tech is based in Sweden and operates around the world in search for new and intriguing technologies. We work with products from any part of the world and supply them globally. We are committed to build a reputation as the preferred supplier of green technology to the world. 


Our Code

Summit Green Tech is proud to represent products that will save energy, clean up pollution and protect people from harmful elements in their daily lives. They should be cost-effective, easy to handle, work with and operate and they must offer a better solution than the one presently used. Summit Green Tech will offer products that comply with local rules and regulations and that will be seen as the preferred standard in its field.

Through many years of business in different parts of the world, Summit Green Tech has a vast network of partners in various geographies. This gives us access to decision-making authorities and business leaders in interesting communities around the world. We rely on the local expertise in each market to ensure local requirements are met or exceeded. Our local partners shall be reputable and in good standing in their community to represent the quality and value that Summit Green Tech, its products and its suppliers represent.

Summit Green Tech together with its suppliers shall work to maintain a high degree of professionalism in its activities and how it is portrayed in the market, either by itself or its representatives.

Our customers are treated as long-term partners for successful growth and prosperity together.