Float Absorb  -  for cleaning up oil spills

We frequently hear about problematic oil spills, which can happen anywhere: in a harbor,  lake or on the ground. When that happens, Float Absorb can efficiently collect the spilled oil.

If it is on the water's surface,  either use booms or spread the absorber directly on the surface to pick up the oil. The absorber does not absorb water and it floats, so it will continue absorbing the oil until saturated. Depending on the size of spill, additional Float Absorb may be added until the oil is fully absorbed. Once Float Absorb turns black, from its original brown color, it is saturated. When saturated, either rake it in or use stiff booms to collect it. Saturated Float Absorb will not leech or release any oil and it can be burned as oil or composted, and become fertile soil within a year.


Product Sheet & Areas of Application